Pokemon Infinite Fusion Larvesta

Pokemon Infinte Fusion Larvesta

Can’t find Larvesta in Pokemon Infinite Fusion? No worries. In this quick guide, I’ll tell you where and how to find this elusive Pokemon.

Safari Zone

To encounter Larvesta in the Safari Zone, you need to:

  1. Go to Fuschia City
  2. Head to the Safari Zone
  3. Head to the east and enter Area 2
  4. Keep going to the east and enter Area 5
  5. Keep going to the east till you see some rocks
  6. Use Rock Smash on them
  7. Head to the north where there is a desert terrain
  8. Head to the west when the desert terrain ends
  9. Enter the temple
  10. Use the Poke Radar

Here’s a short video by James0Two on the steps mentioned above:


Viridian Forest

You can also encounter a Larvesta in Viridian Forest. It’s difficult but possible.

Use a Poke Radar first and then run around the forest. I also recommend using a Repel or Super Repel to increase the encounter rate of rare Pokemon like Larvesta.

Here’s how BK Gaming caught one in Viridian Forest. They encounter the Larvesta at 7:03 mark: