Pokemon Jupiter: Everything You Need to Know

Pokemon Jupiter

Creator: Corvus of the Black Night

Progress: Completed (Kind of)

Platform: GBA

Hack of: Pokemon Ruby

Pokemon Jupiter is an old rom hack (from 2009) that brought a new story, maps, characters, and Fakemons to the world of Pokemon. The odd twist here is that you play as Ivan from the Golden Sun games.

Who is This Game For?

You should play this game if you’re tired of the same old story, maps, characters, etc. that are found in almost all mainstream Pokemon games.

However, I don’t recommend playing this game if you want to play a rom hack that doesn’t entirely change the whole formula. For that, I’d recommend checking out games like Pokemon Theta Emerald EX.


Pokemon Jupiter 4 Pokemon Jupiter 3

Pokemon Jupiter 2 Pokemon Jupiter

Features and Additions

New Story

Here’s the intro to the story given by the game creator:

In a faraway place known as the Mynoan Civilization, a great Deluge threatens the Mynoan existence. It has completely flooded the civilization and all that exists is the highest point of the Capitol. Ivan and a mysterious man named Charon flee through a portal to the world of Pokémon…​

Before they leave, Charon instructs Ivan to find him as soon as possible, as they would probably be separated.​

Ivan arrives on the beach of Route 300, which is near Aleph Town, and a man named Fabio Pink finds him unconscious. He brings him to his house and lets Ivan stay there for a while. However, Ivan leaves to go north, where he finds a Pokémon Trainer named Rachel being attacked by a Pokémon. Ivan uses a Pokémon from her bag with ease and defeats it. They meet up in the Aleph Town Bar and Grill to give the

Pokémon to Ivan. She then leaves to go west to Styxwater Town.​

The rest is for you to discover…​

Telepathy with Pokémon

Basically, you can talk to some NPC Pokemon. However, this mechanic wasn’t fully implemented or completed.

Pokemon Animations

New animations for Pokemon. This was a pretty big deal back in 2009.

Over 65 New Songs

A different style of music for Pokemon games. Heavily inspired by the Golden Sun games.

Face Portraits

New characters with cool-looking portraits. I believe these portraits are from the Golden Sun games as well.

Over 95 Cries

Annoyed by the same old Pokemon cries? Well, now you get different cries for more than 95 Pokemon.

How to Download

Pokemon Jupiter is pretty old so most of its links might be down. You can download the latest patch by clicking on one of following links:

Note: This game has a lot of bugs. So here’s the MediaFire link to the hack repaired by the amazing hacksrepairman: Pokemon Jupiter Version 6 Fixed

How to Play

Running a Pokemon rom hack can be tricky. Read our short guide on how to patch gba and nds roms if you want to clear some confusions. You can even learn how to play Pokemon Jupiter on Android.

To patch the game, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the patch
  2. Download a clean AXVE (0907), Pokemon Ruby (E) rom
  3. Upload the ROM file to RomPatcher 
  4. Upload the patch file
  5. Click the ‘Apply patch’ button
  6. Download a VBA emulator
  7. Load the patched ROM
  8. Play!


This game is based on Ruby. Which means Ruby’s cheat codes should work on Pokemon Jupiter as well.

However, this game has Fakemons so I’d recommend steering clear of any Pokemon modifier codes.

Anyway, all of the codes below are GameShark (Action Replay) codes.

Note: Always save your progress before using any codes since they might damage your game.

Max Money

E51E97C3 7858E4EB

Max Stats

830043B8 03E7

830043BA 03E7

830043BC 03E7

830043C0 03E7

830043C2 03E7

830043BE 03E7

Walk Through Walls

E03B0649 5D67050C

78DA95DF 44018CB4

Unlock All Badges

A12FCE77 0C1EC556

Unlimited PP

42024AA4 FFFF

00000002 0002

Unlimited Rare Candies

280EA266 88A62E5C

Note: You can withdraw the candies from the PC after entering the code.


Is Pokemon Jupiter complete?

The game creator claims that you can play the game till the Elite Four.

What are the starter Pokemon in Pokemon Jupiter?

The three starter Pokemon are actually Fakemon. They are called Flaram, Chinchia, and Buoyanox.

Where is the Odd Sample in Pokemon Jupiter?

Talk to the worrywart AFTER you beat the gym. Walk to the right of the guy asking for the Odd Sample. Keep heading right and then walk along the rim of the water. You should eventually come across a pokeball.

How to get to the Fourth Gym in Pokemon Jupiter?

Go through the cave on Mt. Dalet, then go to Blizice, and then go to the equivalent of Meteor Falls.  Go back to Mt. Dalet and stop the Democrats/Republicans. Once you do that, go south. That town has the 4th Gym Leader.

How to fix the white screen issue in Pokemon Jupiter?

Try putting the flashcard from 64K to 128K.

How to activate the stone at Mt. Aleph?

The game creator says that you need to battle or catch 5 legendaries to activate the stone at Mt. Aleph.

The legendaries are located at:

  • Route 316 (Talk to the stone in the top middle of the map)
  • Underwater after Murk Swamp (This area is not accessible in the last patch unless you use a code to reach the equivalent of Pacifilog; requires dive)
  • The inside of Mt. Dalet (There’s a rock-like formation in the cave. You’ll need Strength to reach it)
  • The deep insides of Alt Baum (Talk to the stone at Luc’s Jupiter’s previous location. Climb the pillar you are transported to)
  • Frozen Grotto (Talk to the middle one of the 3 snowball patches)

All of these locations have a stone or scripture nearby. Talk to the stone to activate a mapchange with the odd stone. This will let you catch that Pokemon. In Frozen Grotto, it is initiated by a snowball patch on the right side of the map.