Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies: Everything You Need to Know

Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies

Creator: Dragonfly

Progress: Complete Demo 

Platform: GBA

Hack of: Pokemon Emerald

Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies is a fanmade Pokemon game brought to you by a German team! The game is a hack of Pokemon Emerald but the story, characters, graphics, music, etc. are new. 

It was previously in Alpha for a long time. But now they’ve finally released the Beta version. 

Who is This Game For?  

You should play this game if you’re tired of the same old storylines and graphics of the original games. 

However, I don’t recommend playing this game if you’re just looking for an Emerald rom hack with increased difficulty.


Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies 1 Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies 2 Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies 3 Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies 4

Features and Additions

New Story

Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies story is completely different from the original game. Here’s the synopsis: 

The balance of a world is about to be shaken. While the mighty Guardians of Amitec can no longer leave their stronghold, the Sacred Shards of Celestis are stolen by the cold hands of Team Tundra. Find out what this is all about, and how a simple coach suddenly carries the fate of a world, in this unique adventure!

All Pokemon up to Generation 7

The game may be a hack of Pokemon Emerald but that doesn’t mean you can only use Pokemon up to Generation 3. 

In Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies, you can catch all Pokémon up to Generation 7 and make a team that is truly unbeatable. 

New Graphics

The game developers took years to fully complete this game but the results speak for themselves. This game has one of the most beautiful-looking graphics I’ve seen on a rom hack.  

The developers gave it their all and produced completely new designs, tilesets, OWs, interfaces, and sprites.

New Music

The story and graphics aren’t the only things that are new. The developers also went on to compose new music for Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies. 

Difficulty Levels

Want to decide on the game difficulty by yourself? Then you’re in luck. In Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies, you can set the difficulty level on your own. 

Day and Night System

I’ve never really cared about the whole Day and Night system in Pokemon games. But it’s always a welcome addition. 

In Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies, the combat backgrounds and Pokémon will change depending on the time of day.

How to Download

Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies is available for download in both English and German languages. 

Here’s the link to the official download page of Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies: Download Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies 

Note: You’ll need to patch the game to be able to play it. And to patch the game, you need an original GBA ROM of Pokemon Emerald (US). If you’re new to the scene and don’t know how to properly do it, here’s a short guide on how to patch GBA and NDS ROMs


I couldn’t find a lot of cheats for this game. The ones I did were submitted by players and haven’t been properly tested. I will still post them but please use them at your own risk.    

Note: Always save your progress before using any codes since they might damage your game.

Unlimited Rare Candy


Unlimited Trade Stone

Note: Use this code before you meet the 5th gym leader. When you enter the gym, the PokeMart will start selling Trade Stones. You also need a “Real Time Clock”.

82005274 0066

Unlimited Master Ball

128898B6 EDA43037

Infinite Money


Walk Through Walls

7881A409 E2026E0C
C56CFACA DC167904

Own All Poke Balls 

Note: There are some players reporting that this code may have harmed their game.

085938bb 99ff313d
2dafd739 5d796510


Is Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies complete?

Nope. The latest version ends after the 3rd Emblem (Gym).  

Is Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies abandoned?

No. They post frequent updates on their discord about the state of their game. The devs seem to be working hard on the next version. 

How to catch Dragon-type Pokemon in Sovereign of the Skies?

Deino and Bagon can be found in the routes that lead to the towns/cities after the forest. They appear depending on the day/night time. You might find one while exploring Rebera Cave. 

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