Stellar Blade Developer Considering PC Version And Sequel After Sales Exceed Expectations

Stellar Blade

Shift Up, the developer behind the recent PlayStation 5 exclusive action game Stellar Blade, is exploring the possibility of expanding the game’s reach. With sales surpassing expectations, Shift Up is now considering both a PC version and a sequel for Stellar Blade.

Despite some initial controversy surrounding its launch, Stellar Blade has proven to be a hit for Shift Up. The game, the studio’s first venture into console gaming, has received mostly positive reviews and exceeded sales expectations.

The company now sees Stellar Blade as a potential franchise akin to renowned games like God of War and Final Fantasy. The studio aims to extend the reach of this IP through high-quality sequels and long-term monetization strategies.

In its latest financial report, Shift Up has explicitly mentioned the possibility of a PC version of Stellar Blade and a sequel. This move aligns with the trend of PlayStation exclusives making their way to PC platforms, expanding the game’s accessibility to a wider audience.

Its next project, codenamed Project Witches, is slated for release in 2027 or later. Described as a next-generation mega subculture intellectual property, Project Witches will be available on PC, consoles, and mobile platforms.

The success of Stellar Blade has paved the way for exciting developments in the future of Shift Up. With plans for a PC version and sequel in the works, fans can anticipate further expansions of the Stellar Blade universe. Additionally, Project Witches promises to deliver another innovative gaming experience from the studio, further solidifying Shift Up’s position in the industry.