Wandering Sword: Coal

Wandering Sword

Wandering Sword is one of those RPGs in which the weapons you forge are significantly stronger than the weapons given by the game.

And what’s the most common ore used to make these weapons? Coal.

In this short article, we’ll tell you the easiest and cheapest ways to get Coal for all of your forging needs.


There are quite a few merchants around the map selling lots of Coal.

Jiang Ying (Tancheng City)

Travel to Tancheng City in the south. Enter the city and climb the first set of steps. On the left side, climb the second set of steps.

Go straight and you’ll find a merchant named Jiang Ying. He’s selling Coal for 100 coins.

Wandering Sword Coal Jiang Ying

Zheng Baicai (Fancheng City)

Travel to Fancheng City. Enter the city and keep going east till you spot some stairs. Go down the stairs and move your character around the stalls in the middle.

Here you’ll find Zheng Baicai sitting on the ground. He’s also selling Coal for 100 coins.

Wandering Sword Coal Zheng Baicai

Specific Locations

Some places like Mount Wanzi and Phoenix Cave have lots of Coal. And the best thing is that the piles regenerate after some time.

How to Get Money for Coal

Running out of coins after mass purchasing Coal? No worries. See those piles of armor lying around in your inventory? Sell them to merchants. And then use that money to buy more Coal.

Out of armor as well? Again, don’t worry. Just go beat up some bandits, get a ton of armor, sell that armor, and buy more Coal. This way you’re getting strong, earning lots of coins, AND likely leveling up your forging skill.