Pokemon Sacred Gold: Everything You Need to Know

Pokemon Sacred Gold
Credits: JuL1Xxx from gbatemp

Creator: Drayano

Progress: Full game released 

Platform: Nintendo DS

Hack of: Pokemon HeartGold

Pokemon Sacred Gold is a rom hack of Pokemon HeartGold. This is a relatively old (2012!) rom hack that still gives other new rom hacks a run for their money.   

Like most Drayano Pokemon hacks, Pokemon Sacred Gold keeps the core game intact while refining everything else—‌streamlining parts of the game that were kind of a chore to play through. 

Who is This Game For?

You should play this hack if you want a Pokemon game that’s largely similar to the structure and framework of HeartGold but with more creative modifications seldom found in normal main series games.   


Pokemon Sacred Gold Cynthia Pokemon Sacred Gold

Pokemon Sacred Gold Steven Pokemon Sacred Gold

Features and Additions

National Dex

You’ll get the National Dex along with your Pokédex—‌making it easier to track Pokemon across the entire region.

Also, all 493 Pokemon available in the fourth generation can be captured in the game. There are some restrictions on Legendaries, but overall you can build a great team with any Pokemon you want.  

Increased Difficulty

You’re in for some hard battles because Gym Leaders and other prominent trainers have received a large boost in terms of AI and Pokemon variety! 

Plus, new Trainer battles have been added where applicable—‌including options to battle Ethan/Lyra, Cynthia, and Steven.

There are some blockades added to increase the level curve of Johto. For example, in order to go to Mahogany Town, you’ll have to go to Cianwood City first. Similar blockades in the Kanto region also make the player more linear routes.    


The creator has made changes to a lot of Pokemon’s data; this includes, but is not limited to, extra level-up moves, abilities, experience rates, TM compatibility, and even Types. 

A few attack moves have been edited. Changes made to moves in Black & White have been implemented in Sacred Gold wherever possible. Cut, Strength, and Rock Smash have also been tweaked to make them more useful. 

Moreover, many Pokemon have also received extra level-up moves to make it less of a chore to raise them.

In case you prefer a more pure Pokemon game, the ‘Classic’ version doesn’t contain these edits.


No trading is necessary to evolve Pokemon. In most cases, the holding items required during trade evolutions can act as Evolution Stones. 

However, you can’t evolve Pokemon like Nosepass in HeartGold/Soulsilver. So for them, some new items have been added.  

Scripted Events

Scripted events of all kinds have been added and edited. In addition to raising the levels of most event Pokemon that already exist, new events have been introduced to give players new Pokemon, items, or TMs.


Some edits are made to trades within the game—‌making it easier to locate some Pokemon that are hard to find. These edits allow players to trade for Pokemon such as Gligar, Skarmory, Beldum, Smoochum, etc.

Pokemon Sacred Gold: Download

You can directly download two versions of Sacred Gold, the ‘Complete’ version and the ‘Classic’ version, by clicking on the following MediaFire link given by the game creator himself: Download Pokemon Sacred Gold

The ‘Complete’ version includes every single edit and addition made to the game. 

The ‘Classic’ version includes most edits and additions but leaves out changes made directly to stats, types, TM compatibility, moves, etc. 

You can also directly download a version of this hack with added Fairy types: Download Pokemon Sacred Gold (Fairy Types included)

How to Patch the ROM to play Pokemon Sacred Gold

Here’s how you can easily patch the rom to play the game without any issues:

  • Get a clean USA HeartGold rom 
  • Use the xDelta GUI to select your patch 
  • Pick SacredGold to generate a patched version.


As is the case with all rom hacks, some errors and glitches you’ll have to look out for include:

  • Screen may become black and/or white due to various events surrounding the Safari Zone. 
  • A battle on Route 47 can be initiated from an unusual angle
  • The MooMoo Milk chat is screwed up
  • Events like the Icicle Plate and Steven in Vermilion City may not work on R4
  • The Mew event may freeze sometimes
  • Garchomp doesn’t have its Rough Skin ability
  • Claydol can’t learn Fly
  • Losing to Lyra/Ethan means facing their overworld doubles in Goldenrod City
  • An item ball can give you around 450 Full Heals
  • There’s a spelling mistake in the Odd Keystone’s description
  • Silver Wind is on Route 38. Not Route 39
  • Names of the double trainers on Route 13 are screwed up 
  • Steven won’t take note of the Lati event after capturing Regigigas 
  • The Celebi event involving rival trainers will cause a freeze after reaching Tohjo Falls
  • Cynthia might not hand over the Sinnoh starter if you converse with her after getting the Earth Badge
  • Scizor learns Night Shade rather than Night Slash
  • Ledyba’s Attack and Special Attack aren’t swapped (document’s lying)

How to Catch Deoxys, Cresselia, Darkrai & Rotom in Pokemon Sacred Gold

On a wild Legendary Pokemon hunt in Sacred Gold? Watch the video below to avoid running around in circles:



All the codes that work for the American HeartGold will also work for Sacred Gold. 

However, the Game ID for Sacred Gold is different. This will affect those who are playing on flashcards. The new IDs are as follows:

Sacred Gold (Complete): IPKE 66972395

Sacred Gold (Classic): IPKE 7BAC813A

Instant Message Code

12002346 00002100

120202EE 00001C0C

120202F0 00004818

1202031E 0000BD10

02020320 E7E53C2D

1202032E 0000D0DF

1202033A 0000E7F1

Makes all messages appear instantly rather than waiting for scrolling text. 

Quick Screen Change

1200FA78 00002200

1200FA9C 00002200

This code speeds up the transition between buildings—‌allowing you to boost your time.

Pokemon Center Animation Cut

1206325E 0000E000

1206327A 0000E000

9224BDCC 00002000

1224BDCC 00002001

D2000000 00000000

Speeds things up by removing the animation and instantly giving you your Pokemon back. 

HP Bar Animation Cut

12265A80 00001C20

12265A8E 00001C20

12081750 00001C21

Gets rid of the notorious slow-moving HP bar from Gen IV. Also, affects the EXP bar. 

High-Speed Processing

12000104 00000000

B21D1594 00000000

DA000000 00000004

D3000000 00000000

D6000000 02000100

D3000000 00000000

92000100 00001C1C

12000E1E 000046F0

12000E20 000046F0

12000104 00008080

D2000000 00000000

92000100 0000071C

12000E1E 000046C0

12000E20 000046C0

12000104 00008080

D2000000 00000000

A2000104 00008080

12000E1E 0000F0D0

12000E20 0000E826

D2000000 00000000

Speeds things up. Just like in emulators.

HM Animation Cut

12043768 0000E00B

Removes the animation for HMs—‌allowing you to play quickly while using them.

Disable 3D Edge Marking

521FBC38 20204001

221FBC3A 00000010

D2000000 00000000

Cleans things up for those who are using NO$GBA. Doesn’t work with anything else that correctly renders the graphics (e.g. DeSmuME, flashcards, etc.)

Rematch Trainers

02040EA8 F7FF68E0

94000130 FEFF0000

02040EA8 E0002000

D0000000 00000000

Hold the R button and talk to any generic trainer to have a rematch.


Where is the Flash TM in Pokemon Sacred Gold?

It’s available in the Pokemon Center on Route 10. You can also buy it from Goldenrod Department Store.

Can you catch all Pokemon in Sacred Gold?

You can catch all 493 Pokemon available till the fourth generation. And you don’t even have to trade for them.

How to get Riolu in Pokemon Sacred Gold?

Here’s how:

  • Free a slot in your party
  • Go to Mahogany Town
  • Find Riley and Buck in one of the houses 
  • Talk to Riley 
  • Receive an Egg that hatches into a Riolu

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