The Ultimate Guide for Pokemon Sors

Pokemon Sors

Creator: Vytron

Progress: Complete

Platform: Game Boy Advance

Hack of: Pokemon Fire Red

Pokemon Sors is another rom hack with an original story and an art style inspired by Pokemon Black and White/HearGold and SoulSilver. This game is part 2 of Vytron’s rom hack series called The VytroVerse (part 1 is Pokemon Saiph). 

It starts off in a whole new region called Hupest. You’ll start your journey from Hupest and your quest will lead you to encounter Pokemon with a new form known as Eclipse. 

Who is This Game For?

You should play this game if you want a Pokemon game with a new story, map, characters, etc.

However, you shouldn’t play this game if you’re looking for a challenging Pokemon game with high difficulty. 


Intro Sovio Sewer

Lancio Abandoned Lab

Features and Additions

Hupest Region

Pokemon Sors comes with a whole new region for you to explore. Here’s a synopsis of the story by the creator himself: 

300 long years ago, a weird cosmic anomaly took place…

It didn’t look like anything mankind has seen before, but they compared it to a lunar eclipse.

This weird event caused Pokémon all over the Hupest Region to behave unnaturally, violently and even made some change their form…

However, the chaos was put to an end mysteriously, and this event was noted in history books as ‘The Great Eclipse!’

A Custom Soundtrack

There’s a whole new custom soundtrack on this game. I honestly enjoyed most of the beats and songs in here. When someone likes almost all of your 62 new custom songs, consider it a job very well done.  

You can listen to the entire soundtrack of the hack by clicking on the following YouTube link: Pokemon Sors Official Soundtrack

A BW/HGSS-inspired art design

The creator paid a lot of attention to details in Pokemon Sors. All of the new cities are nicely designed and give off a very good vibe. 

The modern cities looked modern and the old cities looked….old. In short, everything looked and felt as it was supposed to. 

Updated Mechanics 

Pokemon Sors has all of the latest mechanics like new moves, Physical/Special split, reusable TMs, modern Repel system, etc. 

Full National Dex 

Rejoice! Pokemon Sors lets you pick and choose all Pokemon until Generation 7. You’ll be getting approximately 758 regular Pokemon and 48 Eclipse Pokemon.  

A new battle mechanic: Eclipsing!

Some Pokemon in this game lose their secondary typing and get a new typing known as Eclipse. It gives them a cool new look and basically rearranges their stats. Some get stronger stats, some get new moves, and some get rid of their 4x type weakness.    

Side Quests 

There are a bunch of side quests in Pokemon Sors. They add more quality and depth to the game as you get to take your eyes off the main story for a bit (and the rewards don’t hurt).  


Toward the end of the game, you get the Soaring mechanic. It gives you an aerial view of the Hupest region and allows you to fly towards your destination. 

How to Download

You can directly download the game by clicking on one of the following MediaFire links:

How to Patch the ROM to Play Pokemon Sors

The game creator’s got your back and has provided some documentation on how to patch the rom and successfully play Pokemon Sors.


  1. Download NUPS.
  2. Get a clean copy of Pokemon FireRed (Squirrels) rom.
  3. In NUPS, select the .ups patch file, and choose Pokemon FireRed as your rom base (.gba). If you want, you can rename the output file. 
  4. Allow it to finish. Tick “ignore” if it gives an error for not matching.


  1. Download UniPatcher from Google Play.
  2. Get a clean copy of Pokemon FireRed (Squirrels) rom.
  3. In UniPatcher, select the .ups patch file, and choose Pokemon FireRed as your rom base (.gba). If you want, you can rename the output file. 
  4. Allow it to finish (if you get any errors, try naming the base rom “1636 – Pokemon Fire Red (U)(Squirrels).gba”).


  • Make sure you don’t use the demo’s save file!
  • The PokéMart graphics while shopping can get a bit messy.
  • Rattata shows up while registering new Pokémon (don’t worry, the game registers the correct Pokémon)
  • There are stray pixels in the Lv on the summary screen (barely noticeable)
  • Once you have hopped on Latias for the first time, do not hop off at Inizio Isle as you cannot get away without Soaring (Soaring is only unlocked once you have returned the gem to Solare Island.)
  • The text box on the TM Selection screen is a bit weird visually. 

All Eclipse Pokemon and Their Locations

Want to know about all the various Eclipse Pokemon and their location? Simply check out the video below.


All Legendary Pokemon Locations

Want to start looking for all the Legendary Pokemon throughout the Hupest region? Simply watch the video below.


All Obtainable TMs and Their Locations

Changer Beam: Sors Road  

Dragon Claw: Hupest Wilds (Mountain Area) 

Water Pulse: Route 4 (South)

Shadow Claw: Galinor City 

Toxic: Mt. Gerhana 

Hail: Hupestian Ruins 

Payback: Aur Factory 

Dark Pulse: Abandoned Lab 

Sunny Day: Route 8 

Flash Canon: Mt. Gerhana 

Ice Beam: Hupestian Ruins 

Blizzard: Battle Marine 

Hyper Beam: Battle Marine 

Light Screen: Dis Bay 

Protect: Lancio Town 

Rain Dance: Route 16 

Giga Drain: Samurion City 

Solar Beam: Route 2 

Thunder: Battle Marine 

Earthquake: Route 8 

Return: Hupest Sea 

Brick Break: Route 4 (South) 

Reflect: Route 12 

Flamethrower: Divampa Cave 

Sludge Bomb: Battle Marine 

Sandstorm: Destino Mines 

Fire Blast: Battle Marine 

Rock Tomb: Mt. Gerhana 

Aerial Ace: Azluf Town 

Facade: Siara HQ 

Drain Punch: Hupest Wilds (Mainland Area North)

Rest: Jarro Town 

Acrobatics: Route 3 

Surf: Cord Island 

Work Up: Sovio Sewers 

Snarl: Samurion City 

Overheat: Divampa Cave 


The game creator didn’t provide any cheats because it can easily mess up the game. They are not wrong here. 

However, if you would still like to use cheats, I have listed some of them down below. 

Walk Through Walls (Game Shark): 

509197D3 542975F4

78DA95DF 44018CB4

Catch Enemy Trainer’s Pokemon (Game Shark)

4D83B1BF E0F5F507

8E883EFF 92E9660D

B6C5368A 08BE8FF4

90B4977C C0151DC2

Activate the cheat by pressing L and R at the same time before throwing the ball. Ball types and catch rates will remain the same.

100% Catch Rate (Game Shark):

87ACF659 707466DC

8BB602F7 8CEB681A

Note: The cheat gives you a 100% catch rate only for regular Pokemon. Doesn’t work for Special and Legendary Pokemon.

One Hit Kill (Game Shark):


C833D1A0 02FA7205

No Wild Pokemon Encounter (Game Shark):

D41DD0CA 33A629E5

8E883EFF 92E9660D

Poke Mart Items Cost 1 (Game Shark):

3C25A344 FD8F451C

AD86124F 2823D8DA

Max Stats (Game Shark):

Positions of Pokemon in the party. 

1st Pokemon Maximum Stats



2nd Pokemon Maximum Stats



3rd Pokemon Maximum Stats



4th Pokemon Maximum Stats



5th Pokemon Maximum Stats



6th Pokemon Maximum Stats



Shiny Pokemon Encounter (Game Shark):

1670047D 04815C68

18452A7D DDE55BCC

Note: The name bug can be fixed by turning off the cheat before catching the Shiny Pokemon. 

Unlimited EXP (Game Shark):




Get unlimited EXP after beating a Pokemon in battle.

Unlimited Money (Game Shark or Code Breaker):

Code Breaker

820257BC 423F

820257BE 000F

Game Shark

29C78059 96542194

Unlimited Rare Candies (Game Shark):

820257C4 0044

After entering the code, go to your PC to withdraw an unlimited amount of Rare Candies.

Unlimited Master Balls (Game Shark):

820257C4 0001

After entering the code, go to your PC to withdraw an unlimited amount of Master Balls.

Unlimited Healing Items (Code Breaker):

Replace the YYYY in the First Code with the corresponding Healing Item code. Then, go to your PC to withdraw an unlimited amount of that item.

First Code

820257C4 YYYY

Healing Item Code

Potion = 000D 

Antidote = 000E  

Burn Heal = 000F 

Ice Heal = 0010  

Awakening = 0011  

Paralyze Heal = 0012  

Full Restore = 0013  

Max Potion = 0014  

Hyper Potion = 0015  

Super Potion = 0016  

Full Heal = 0017  

Revive = 0018  

Max Revive = 0019  

Unlimited TM/HM (Code Breaker)

Replace the YYYY in the First Code with the corresponding TM/HM code. Then, go to your PC to withdraw an unlimited amount of that TM/HM.

First Code

820257C4 YYYY

TM/HM Codes

Focus Punch = 0121  

Dragon Claw = 0122  

Water Pulse = 0123  

Calm Mind = 0124  

Roar = 0125  

Toxic = 0126  

Hail = 0127  

Bulk Up = 0128  

Bullet Seed = 0129  

Hidden Power = 012A  

Sunny Day = 012B  

Taunt = 012C  

Ice Beam = 012D  

Blizzard = 012E  

Hyper Beam = 012F  

Light Screen = 0130  

Protect = 0131 

Rain Dance = 0132  

Giga Drain = 0133  

Safeguard = 0134  

Frustration = 0135  

Solar Beam = 0136  

Iron Tail = 0137  

Thunderbolt = 0138  

Thunder = 0139  

Earthquake = 013A  

Return = 013B  

Dig = 013C  

Psychic = 013D  

Shadow Ball = 013E  

Brick Break = 013F  

Double Team = 0140  

Reflect = 0141  

Shock Wave = 0142  

Flamethrower = 0143  

Sludge Bomb = 0144  

Sandstorm = 0145  

Fire Blast = 0146  

Rock Tomb = 0147  

Aerial Ace = 0148  

Torment = 0149  

Facade = 014A  

Secret Power = 014B  

Rest = 014C  

Attract = 014D  

Thief = 014E 

Steel Wing = 014F  

Skill Swap = 0150  

Snatch = 0151  

Overheat = 0152  

Cut = 0153  

Fly = 0154  

Surf = 0155  

Strength = 0156  

Flash = 0157  

Rock Smash = 0158 

Waterfall = 0159  

Dive = 015A  

Unlimited PP (Game Shark):

42023C08 6363

00000002 0002


What is the weakness of the Eclipse-type in Pokemon Sors?

The Eclipse-type Pokemon are only weak to Fire and Electric types.

Where is Cynthia in Pokemon Sors?

  • Go to Galinor City 
  • Enter the building on the north-west side
  • Cynthia will be inside and all of her Pokemon will be at Level 60

Where do you get Rock Smash in Sors? 

In the top left part of Jarro Town, take the side quest from a man with a Cubone. When you’re done with the quick quest, he’ll give you a pickaxe that acts as Rock Smash. 

How to get Milotic in Pokemon Sors?

Catch a Feebas in Route 2 through fishing and then just evolve it into a Milotic. 

Can you catch wild Eclipse Pokemon? 

No. Seems like you can’t catch any of the wild Eclipse Pokemon encountered throughout the journey. 

What are the shiny odds in Pokemon Sors?

The odds of randomly encountering shiny Pokemon in this game are the same as regular official games—1 in 8192.

What can you do in Pokemon Sors’s post-game?

There’s a lot you can do in the post-game. Spoilers!

  1. You can go on an adventure to Cord island by venturing through the Hupest Wilds from Aurin Town.
  2. You can also go on an adventure to Colen region by taking the metro to Chargy City. 

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