Pokemon Bushido: Everything You Need to Know

Pokemon Bushido

Creator: LuxDiablo, Thundaga, Tristantine the Great, HauntedArtStudio

Progress: Completed 

Platform: PC (No emulator required)

Hack of: Generation 4 

Pokemon Bushido is fanmade Pokemon game with a lot of twists. 

As the name suggests, Pokemon Bushido is based on medieval Japan. You’ll encounter lots of clans, lots of villages, and lots of Katanas!

Who is This Game For?  

You should play this game if you want to experience Pokemon games in a new way. Its new maps, enemies, quests, and mechanics are going to revive your love for Pokemon.

However, I don’t recommend playing this game if you don’t like fanmade games and just want a romehack completely based on the traditional games.


Pokemon Bushido

Features and Additions

A Completely New Story

Pokemon Bushido is set in the Aisho region. You’ll play as the child of Royal Samurai. To become a master Samurai, you’ll have to complete tons of trials with different Samurai clans. 

The game is based around Samurais so naturally the three Swords of Justice Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion are the main legendaries. 

10-15 Hours of Gameplay

Fanmade games typically aren’t very long because making a completely new game is hard work. 

Fortunately, Pokemon Bushido isn’t a long or short game as players can expect to spend at least 15 hours on the main storyline. 

Mid-Battle Dialogue

The trainers in this game aren’t robotic. They’re gonna talk in the heat of the battle and let you know how they are feeling. 

Shadow Pokémon

Pokemon Bushido’s evil team is called the Akui Clan. These ninja-like warriors wreak havoc throughout the land with their experimental Pokemon known as Shadow Pokemon.  

Katanas that replace HMs

Tired of the old, cumbersome HMs? Pokemon Bushido’s got you covered. All of the HMs get replaced by freaking Katanas. 

Pokémon up to Gen 8

Pokemon Bushido doesn’t hold back in the Pokedex department. You can catch Pokemon up to Generation 8 and build a pretty great team.

How to Download 

Pokemon Bushido’s file size is pretty big when compared with other fanmade games and romehacks. You’ll need to free up at least 620 MB of space.

You can download Pokemon Bushido through one of the following links provided by the game creator himself:

How to Start the Game 

Click Game.exe to play the game. Only use GameRGSS.exe if there are issues with the existing Game.exe.

Follow these steps if you are experiencing issues with Game.exe:

  • Rename the current Game.exe file to Game_Backup
  • Rename GameRGSS.exe to Game
  • Run the newly renamed Game.exe!

If you’re using the GameRGSS.exe, install the fonts in the game’s Fonts folder!

  • Double-click each .ttf file to open the font installer
  • Click Install on the top left of the window.

Trying to resolve some bugs in the game? Join the Pokemon Bushido Discord: https://discord.gg/FAeZEKwfUh

Clan Leaders

In Pokemon Bushido, you have to defeat clan leaders instead of gym leaders. Spoiler! 


Name: Harumi 

Clan: Komorei 

Pokemon: Servine Lv. 27, Ludicolo Lv. 27, Roserade Lv. 28, Breloom Lv. 28, Victreebel Lv. 29, Cherrim Lv. 29


Name: Nori

Clan: Nensho

Pokemon: Centiskorch Lv. 39, Pupitar Lv. 40, Blissey Lv. 40, Salazzle Lv. 41, Hakamo-o Lv. 41, Volcarona Lv. 42


Name: Mai

Clan: Shimizu

Pokemon: Milotic Lv. 55, Vaporeon Lv. 56, Kingdra Lv. 56, Gyarados Lv. 56, Cloyster Lv. 56, Greninja Lv. 57


Name: Hattori

Clan: Akui

Pokemon: Zoroark Lv. 69, Lycanroc Lv. 69, Mimikyu Lv. 69, Lapras Lv. 69, Lurantis Lv. 69, Lugia (S) Lv. 70

Evolution Changes

Some Pokemon evolution changes made in this game include:

Galarian Farfetch’d: Evolves at Level 30

Gurdurr: Evolves at Level 38

Onix: Give it a Metal Coat

Feebas: Give it a Prism Scale

Galarian Slowpoke: Give it a Galarica Cuff/Wreath, which are in a house in Hanatsu Village.

Leafeon: Use a Leaf Stone, or level up at Tsuchi Shrine

Glaceon: Use an Ice Stone, or level up at Fubuki Bay

Sylveon: Level up on Max Happiness w/ a Fairy-type move

Scrolls, Notes, and Move Tutors

Sticking to the medieval Japan theme, Pokemon Bushido has scrolls/notes instead of TMs. Here’s where to find all of them:

Chikyu Village Market: Facade, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Rest, Snore, Revenge, Brick Break, Power Swap, Guard Swap, Speed Swap, Draining Kiss. 

Izumi Village Market (Notes): Dazzling Gleam, Stealth Rock, Swords Dance, Agility, Amnesia, Leech Life, Taunt, Trick, Iron Defense, Close Combat, Toxic Spikes, Earthquake, Hyper Voice, Cosmic Power, Bulk Up, Calm Mind, Outrage, Focus Blast, Brave Bird, Earth Power, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Gunk Shot, Iron Head, Power Gem, Leaf Storm. 

Hagane City Market: Bullet Seed, Round, Light Screen, False Swipe, Trick Room, Wonder Room, Magic Room, Fling. 

Sakura Pass: Revenge 

Shizen Trail: Swift 

Shizen Forest: Fire Spin

Jonetsu Pass: Rock Tomb

Hanatsu Mine: Rock Slide

Jonetsu Caverns: Bulldoze

Kaiyo Sea: Rain Dance

Fubuki Bay: Hail

Yami Island: Drain Punch

Ezo Village: Hyper Beam


Pokemon Bushido is a fanmade game that doesn’t run on an emulator like Visual Boy Advance or DeSmuME. This means regular GameShark and Action Replay codes will not work. 

Instead, you can use the Cheat Engine. 

Warning: Using the Cheat Engine can cause your game to crash so please proceed with caution. 

Infinite Rare Candies

The process is a bit tricky. So here’s a video SacredAlmighty that’ll walk you through the whole process. 

Infinite Money

This process is also unconventional so here’s AcegamesTV’s video on how to get infinite money. This method will works for all Pokemon fan games made using RPG Maker. 


How to play Pokemon Bushido on Android?

You might be able to play Pokemon Bushido on Android by using JoiPlay. 

How to purify shadow pokemon?

Here’s how to purify Shadow Pokemon:

  • After beating Harumi, follow Tusku back to the shrine
  • Defeat Tsuku’s bug-type Pokemon team
  • Receive the Light Flute from Tsuku
  • Use the Light Flute to purify the shadows around a Pokemon’s heart
  • Visit a shrine to purify the Shadow Pokemon

Who are the Pokemon Bushido starters?

In Pokemon Bushido, you get to choose between Treecko, Oshawott, and Fennekin. 

How to fix the error “Couldn’t create OpenGL Context” in Pokemon Bushido?

Here’s how you can fix the “Couldn’t create OpenGL Context” in Pokemon Bushido: 

  • Open the file in the Game folder called mkxp.json
  • Remove the // before openGL4 and set it to false 

You should be able to run the game now! 

How to remove the green lines/glitches on my Pokemon Bushido screen?

  • Go to the Start Menu
  • Search and click on Settings
  • Now click on System 
  • Click on Display 
  • Scroll to the bottom and click on Graphics Settings
  • Under the “Choose an app to set preference” drop-down menu, select Desktop App 
  • Now browse for the Game.exe in the Bushido folder
  • You will now be able to see the application in the Graphics Settings. Click on Options
  • In this Graphics Preference window, you can set which GPU to be used for the Game.exe. 
  • First try selecting Power Saving, then select Save, and then run the game. 
  • If the issue persists, select High Performance, then select Save, and then run the game again.

Follow the instructions in the BUSHIDO_README to run the Backup RGSS version if the game still causes issues after following the above steps. 

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